Green Cup Challenge!

Churchill is participating in the Green Cup Challenge! We are going to try to improve our accuracy in recycling and sorting trash appropriately. Here’s a short video about how NYC’s recycling works:

A few games we enjoy about recycling:

Click to play!

“I don’t want to clean my room!” Help Anita sort her messy belongings into paper recycling, bottles and cans, composting, yard sale/donation items, and plain old trash.

Michael, Michael, Go Recycle! Pick up the pieces of recycling and sort them into the appropriate bins. Meanwhile, you’d better stop those littering kids before they make more work for you!

Recycle Roundup! Sort into recycling, compost, and trash.

making your own ice cream

Attention parents! Your kids made ice cream on their last day of science class! We had a lot of fun! The flavor was vanilla. We are putting this on Churchill Science so the children can make ice cream at home. We recommend the kitchen table. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of salt, but you can use a little bit less. We also found that using double bags made it less messy, because it leaked a little from a hole in the bottom of the bag. It was yummy!

by Room 224 – Chas, Larson, Calan, Kobe, Scarlet, Cloe, Elizabeth, Mia, Lloyd, Elias, Ashley and Josh.