The silliest turtles ever!

They really love their new halogen lamp.

Lisa took this picture right after she put in the new halogen bulb. These turtles really like to bask! They are cold blooded, so they can’t make their bodies warm. They need the heat of the Sun – or a nice lamp – to do that.

These turtles are living in the Science Room for the summer. During the school year, they live in the Greenhouse. They are a little crowded with four sharing one tank, but in September they’ll move back into their nice big separate tanks again.


Although there is a lot of excitement about Mars right now, we are busy studying other planets too. This image is of the surface of Mercury.

Volcanism, Magnetic Core?

This image (from NASA/JPL) shows craters and “spidery” volcanoes. Scientists also think Mercury has a magnetic field.

One reason to study other planets is to compare them to Earth. Mercury is like Earth in some ways, but very different in other ways. Some scientists think that it can show us what was going on on Earth a long time ago.