Who’s looking at you? Antarctica game

Click here to play!

Click here to play!

How do the animals in Antarctica survive in the cold, tough environment? This game explores some special ways. First discover the animals and then answer the quiz questions! Reading the quiz with a grown up would be helpful!

Ocean on one of Saturn’s moons!

Pretty amazing. It seems that everywhere we look in the solar system, there are things to surprise us. The speaker in this video is a little hard to understand, but he said something very interesting – that the salt in the water, plus other discoveries they made, mean that there are the right chemicals for possibly creating life. Forget life on other planets – we should be looking for life on other moons!

Off to Iceland

Icelandic Glaciers - Click here to learn about Lisa\'s expedition

I am leaving for Iceland tonight for a weeklong expedition with Earthwatch called Icelandic Glaciers. You can click on the picture to learn more about the expedition.

After I’m done being a volunteer scientist, I’ll be spending a few days visiting some really neat places in Iceland. I’ll try to take as many photos and videos as I can!

Movies about Jupiter and its moons

Jupiter. What a monster…

Jupiter’s moon Io, the most volcanically active place in the solar system.

Top 5 Reasons Europa Rocks!

Aliens of the Deep and Mission to Europa – explains how it’s possible for life to exist away from the Sun’s energy. Could one of Jupiter’s moons also contain life?

A futuristic, fictional look at what exploration of Europa might look like.

Take the Antarctica wilderness challenge!

Cluster B has been studying ecosystems for the first half of the school year. We are getting to wrap up our study of living things on Earth so that we can debate whether we will find some living things somewhere in space…

But first, Lisa’s favorite ecosystem of them all… ANTARCTICA!

Take the wilderness challenge!

Click the picture to take the WILDERNESS CHALLENGE on the Discovering Antarctica website. How much do you know about Antarctica already?

Water on Mars – on NBC Nightly News

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Breaking News: Ice Found on Mars!

Exciting news from Phoenix, the robot sent to the North Pole of Mars to dig for ice and liquid water. Ice has been found! At first scientists were not sure whether the photos showed ice or salt. But when the mystery item disappeared into the air, they knew it had to be water. Water can’t stay liquid on Mars because there is too little air pressure. It just boils away.

So now we know for sure that there is ice on Mars… what else is under the surface waiting for us to dig up?

Phoenix Dig Site - Ice